Monday, September 03, 2012

Alaska Vacation: Beyonce

At last!!  What may be my very favorite sert of pictures from our vacation!!!  Prepare yourself to meet Beyonce the Chicken.

Beyonce actually exists elsewhere on the internet.  You can read the whole story about him here (disclaimer: there might a few bad words in that link).  I got a little tiny miniature version of him, and I decided that he definitely need to come along on our cruise.  I think he had fun...

Ready to go:

On the airport shuttle with Coop:

On an airplane with a new friend, Buzz Lightyear (which Coop found on the curb at the airport terminal -- score!):

On board the ship:



Look at the ocean with Coop and Buzz:

In the hot tub:

ON the ship:

Fancy dinner:

With a humpback whale:

Ack!  Bear!

Admiring the towel lobster:

In Victoria, British Columbia!

Pretty flowers:


Canadian moose:

Worn out!

On the ferris wheel in Seattle:

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