Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alaska Vacation: Seattle

After our cruise was over, we had a day to sightsee in Seattle.  Turns out, we were all pretty wiped out from all the eating and sitting and tv-watching we did on the cruise.  So we didn't have tons of energy (or, in the case of a particular five-year-old, we had misdirected and misbehaving energy), so we didn't do much.

We headed downtown to the farmer's market to see the Pike Place Fish Market where they fish sellers (surely they're not really called mongers, are they?) throw fish to each other.  Fun enough.

We stood in line for abougt 40 minutes to ride this ferris wheel.

And we collected the following very valuable souvenirs:

We'll try again, Seattle, sometime when we're not so exhausted from 8 days of vacation.

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