Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trip to Portland, part 3 -- VADA!!

Petting Vada's dog Jamie:

Going with Grandma to walk the dog:

Shooting spray bottles into the rain:

In the car:

Ice cream, with sprinkles of course:

Doing crafts:

Vada's reunion with her parents, after their 1.5 week trip!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Trip to Portland, part 2 -- Museums!

We visited the Portland Children's Museum.  Here's the water room:
Last time we visited the Kansas City children's museum, a little girl puked in the water room.  When I asked Coop what his favorite part of this museum was, he said "when I played in the water room and no one puked."

A turtle made of clay:

A knight costume from the gift shop, complete with helmet visor, which was the big selling point for Cooper:

We also visited the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and took a tour of this submarine, the USS Blueback:

Looking through the periscope:

Trying out the small beds on the sub:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trip to Portland, part 1

Coop and I had spring break at the same time, so we spent a couple of days in Portland, OR.  Carmen and Toban were hiking in Argentina, so Mom was staying there with Vada.  We decided to go hang out with them for a bit.

Coop kept notes of the trip:

Waiting for the airport shuttle bus:

Uh-oh... our plane was delayed three and a half hours:
"Plan is lat" = Plane is late.

Talking to Daddy:


Finally on the plane:

And flying through the Portland airport:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cooper's research projects

Cooper's been coming home from school with "research projects."  I get the impression, though I'm not entirely sure, that he "reads" a book and then draws a picture about that subject.  (I've provided translations in case you're not up-to-speed on interpreting preschool cursive and spelling.)

"the africn elephants r coowl" = The African elephants are cool. 

"sum spidrs or poysnis" = Some spiders are poisonous. 

"sharks or big" = Sharks are big. 

"deep insid dee rf hids lovu" = Deep inside the Earth hides lava. 

"shorcs eet fish" = Sharks eat fish. 

"wals spra wodr" = Whales spray water. 

"spas is coowl" = Space is cool.