Thursday, September 20, 2012


Cooper has started kindergarten at Raintree!  He's in a three-year classroom, where the first two years of preschool plus the kindergarten year are all in the same room.  So very little has actually changed about his day -- same classroom, same teacher, mostly the same classmates.

The one big difference is that now he has a Kindergarten Book, a composition notebook in which he writes every day.

He has to copy down what's on the chalkboard (the date and sometimes another short message), add any of his thoughts, and then practice writing some letters.
"Happy 1st day of school!  best day ever [heart]."   !!!!!!

Lately, there's also been a question of the day that he has to copy down and answer:

And, holy smokes, check out the math work he came home with:

Miss Ann, Coop's teacher, is very big on reminding Coop that he's one of the big kids in the classroom and she'll need his help working with some of the younger (three-year-old) friends.  Hopefully, that'll settle him down a bit...

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Karen said...

Whoah, that seems really advanced for kindergarten! I don't remember doing multiplication at that age. And his handwriting is superb! Awesome job, Cooper!!