Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cooper's busy week

Lounged around looking cute. (Though Alan already made fun of me for dressing him in pastel green overalls, saying that he could join the fierce Easter Egg Gang. Apparently "real" overalls are denim. Whatever.)

Took a nap in the swing.

Lounged around looking cute.

Visited Daddy at Eastern Illinois University.

Helped Daddy clean off his desk.

Got a mohawk from Daddy. (One of Alan's co-workers suggested that Cooper's first words should be a plaintive "No, Daddy." I can see her point.)

Next week will be a big week for Cooper -- we're taking the train up to Chicago for several days! Time to explore the big city!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Funniest birthday card!

Alan received the following birthday note from my Dad, along with two quarters and three pennies taped to a notecard. Man, we laughed and laughed!


Joan left me with the Honey-Do job of getting you a birthday card. Of course, I have nothing else to do except build my house all day. [Note: My folks were in the process of building a new house.] To save time, I called Dollar General and Teri [the manager and a friend of Mom's] said they have two choices of cards: 50-cent and $1.00 cards. She said there are only two Son-in-Law cards to pick from on the 50-cent side. I chose card No. A665, and it should cost you 53 cents. Go down the block and get your own card; you have as much time as I do. Besides, it saves me a stamp.

P.S. I would probably just read the card and then buy two 25-cent candy bars.




And just for fun, unrelated to my Dad's funny note, a cute picture of Cooper sleeping:

Friday, March 23, 2007

Back to Kansas

Because having a baby isn't enough of a major-life stressor for one year, we've decided also to change jobs, sell our house, buy a new house, and move to another state. Alan accepted a teaching position in the Econ Dept at Baker University (my alma mater!), and so we're headed back home to Kansas. We're excited to be going, sad to be leaving, and dreading the hassle of moving. But Cooper is anxious to be closer to the rest of his family. This is the cheer he does to demonstrate his enthusiasm:


And then he makes a handmotion for "wildcats," for the Baker University Wildcats, but that movement is difficult to photograph. So you're stuck with just the B and the U.

In other news, our cats have been (surprisingly, but thankfully, I suppose) uninterested in the newest resident of our home. This picture was staged -- Mikey was sleeping peacefully alone on the couch and I stuck Cooper next to him for the photo op. Neither looks particularly happy.

Here's the 6 week (already?!) aligator shot:

And last night we gave Cooper his first baby tub bath. As expected, he screamed most of the time. But he didn't pee on us or poop in the water, both of which would have been reasonable reactions.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Family visit

Alan's family, including two people who hadn't yet met Cooper, came to visit this past weekend. I swear, Cooper's butt never touched the ground.

Cousin Jonathan and Uncle David (sporting dashing overalls and a Grizzly Adams beard) took their obligatory turns holding the young'un.

Would it suck to be so little that you can't change positions when you have a crick in your neck?

Trying out a snappy new knitted blanket:

Sleeping peacefully:

And modeling a great new knitted cap:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cooper's first road trip

We loaded up the car (man, babies require lots of crap!) and drove to Kansas on Friday. We stopped every 2 1/2 - 3 hours to feed and change Cooper and let him stretch a bit. And for being confined in the car seat like a Nascar racer, he did really well. He slept most of the trip, and still managed to sleep a decent amount during the night.

Anyway, this was the first time Alan's family had seen Cooper, and apparently there were extensive discussions about who got to hold him first. Grandma Carol pulled rank and got the first turn:

And then Grandpa Jerry:

And then Jennifer, Cooper's 5-year old cousin, who had been practicing holding her baby dolls:

And finally, Aunt Julie:

We drove back to Illinois yesterday, and after four days on the road, we were exhausted, especially Cooper. He couldn't even stay awake for tummy time:

Or to visit with Dad:

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lordy Lordy

Look who's 40!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

More pictures of the kiddo.

Just because I can.

Reading a game theory textbook with Dad.

His first bottle-feeding. Went pretty well.

In his swing.

Dressed as a Middle Eastern woman.

And with the beanie baby named Coop. (I already *gasp* removed the tag to save in his baby book. Guess we won't be funding his college education on beanie babies.)