Monday, September 17, 2012

Work and Play

Coop's school was closed for a couple of days in between the summer and fall terms, so he spent one day with me at my office.  One of the custodians found some big poster board for him to draw on, so he made some roads and train tracks for his cars and trains and tractors:

Working at home by helping me fold laundry:

One of my co-workers has a son Henry, who's almost five.  And he loves trains, too.  So Coop and I loaded up our train tracks, went to Henry's, and built a giant train world:

When they (we) got tired of trains, we all went to the KU Natural History Museum
 (There was a snake in there, I think.)

And Coop with the bear:

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Karen said...

I LOVE the Natural History Museum! I was fascinated by it as a kid, and I'm fascinated by it now. Zooey was pretty young last time I took her; I think it's time to try again!

Also, I love the homemade train track labyrinth.