Monday, May 24, 2010


About two hours before we were supposed to leave for music class, I remember that we were supposed to make an animal mask to take to class.  Luckily, I had just come home with a bag of pipe cleaners, so Coop and I put together a lovely lion mask.
And a mask (of something?) for Bear.

Last night, Cooper insisted that he wanted a crown so he could be king.  Um... ok.
A little notebook paper, scissors, and some scotch tape, and King Cooper was appropriately attired.

And speaking of attire, Cooper when to daycare one day wearing this:
That would be a swim shirt and his swimming trunks -- he's ready for summer.  And he's accessorizing with a necklace that actually is a macrame wall hanging that says EMILY.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mouse in my House

Not really, but Cooper has written a song about it:

And in case you're missing the lyrics:

[spoken] Except one time there was a mouse that was going to eat me.

[cue guitar music] There's a mouse in my house, a mouse in my house, a mouse in my house.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Last weekend, we made a short trip down to Wichita.  Ever since spring break, Cooper has been talking about the museum with the submarine and conveyor belt.  So we planned a quick trip back to Exploration Place.

I talked Cooper into going into the tornado booth with me.

Waiting for Grandpa Jerry to come pick us up:

Grandma Carol bought a new bed just for Cooper.  He loved it:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Breakfast conversation

Cooper:  When I was in your tummy, did you eat?

Mama:  Yes.

Cooper:  So then the food went into my mouth, too?

Mama:  Yes.  [I then tried to explain about his belly button and the umbilical cord, but that wasn't really going anywhere.]

Cooper:  When I was in your tummy, did you do my breathing treatments too?

Mama:  No, you didn't need them when you were in my tummy.  You could breathe just fine in there.

Cooper:  What else can you tell me?

Mama:  Well, would you like to see some pictures of you as a baby?

Cooper:  Yes.

Cooper:  Oh, I wasn't white when I was a baby.

Cooper:  Now I'm white again.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some random pictures

Playing with silly string:

Reading a book to Bear before his nap:

Can you guess what's in Cooper's bowl?

I'll give you a hint -- he's listening to it.
Rice Krispies!

A shower:
We had been playing outside one day and wanted to come rinse off, but we didn't have time/energy for a bath.  So I convinced Cooper to try a shower.  Our shower nozzle comes off the wall, which made it easier (and less scary) to rinse him off.  He loved it!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Green overalls and a hat.

One of Cooper's friends at Miss Brenda's wears overalls fairly regularly.  Cooper announced that he wanted to wear some too. 

Except that he didn't know what they were called.  So he found a puzzle that has a bear wearing overalls and asked if I had a special (pronounced "fecial" -- we still working on s-blend sounds!) shirt with straps that he could wear.

He was in luck.  I sure do:

And then this past weekend, he dug out his cowboy hat to complete the ensemble:

And then he decided to ride on his buckin' bronco:

Whoa there, cowboy!  Hold on to that hat!

I maybe need to lighten up on the "cowboy" talk, though, because he later announced that when he got big, he was going to ride cows.  With his hat on. 

Good luck with that, Coop.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Growing and cutting

Coop helped me plant some little flower seeds (sunflowers and daisies), and we was excited to use his watering can.

We repotted a tomato plant that he got free from a nursery we visited with Grandma Joan:

And then this little guy is Mr. Green.  He's a small green planter shaped like a person.  We planted grass seed in it, and the grass then grew out like Mr. Green's hair.

Coop was scheduled to get his hair cut.  He decided Mr. Green also needed a hair cut and that we should ask Miss Martha to do it.
When she asked how short to cut Mr. Green's hair, Cooper said he wanted it to be as long as his thumb.  So they measured.

And then Miss Martha cut:

Coop and Mr. Green sporting their new hair cuts and Cooper's loot, including a sucker and a flashlight keychain.

No wonder he doesn't mind getting a hair cut from Miss Martha!