Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pure cuteness

Practicing putting on shoes

Reading in the car. I loved how he tucked his one foot under the other leg.

Shh... he's hiding.

Doing a better job hiding:

On an airplane (for our Portland trip):


Monday, July 27, 2009

Fourth of July

So I'm a little behind on my blogging. Oh well.

So way back a long time ago on the 4th, Alan and I bought a few little fireworks to set off at home. Just things with sparks and lights. Nothing huge. No loud booms.

Coop wasn't too sure about things:

He liked driving the tank once it was done shooting things, though.

This is Hannah. She's the daughter of one of my high school friends, and she and Cooper were born on exactly the same day, about an hour and a half apart. They met for the first time at a BBQ in Lyons over the 4th.
Yes, he's picking his nose. He's got a way with the ladies, doesn't he?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fishing trip

We loaded up coolers and sunscreen and bug spray, and headed out the Grandpa Cecil and Grandma Joan's pond for some paddle boat fun.

The fishing part of the trip made for a cute photo but wasn't very successful otherwise.
I take that back. We'll count it a success because no one fell out of the boat and the dog did not eat a fish hook, despite his most desperate attempts to do so.

Lunch on the trailer. Sandwiches. No fish.

My favorite photo from the day -- Cooper and Grandpa Cecil:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gator Love

We've got to stop visiting Lyons when it's hot because it's all we can do to get Cooper off of Grandma Joan's gator. (I'm not sure why it's "Grandma Joan's" except that maybe because Grandpa Cecil has a tractor? So the gator must belong to Grandma Joan?)

Anyway, the last couple of times we've been to Lyons, Cooper has spent about 85% of his waking hours on the gator. We finally let him "drive," which he loved:

And let me just warn you in advance, this is about the most boring video I've ever shot. So if you play this over and over for about three hours straight, you'll get some idea of how Alan's feeling in this footage:

I think this picture is hysterical because that big orange and black warning sticker says something about how YOUNG DRIVERS INCREASE CHANCE OF DEATH. Surely not at Cooper's speed, though...

We couldn't even talk him down for food, so he ate lunch on the gator:

Variation on a theme: driving the whole family around.

One evening, a bunch of my high school friends and their kids came over for a BBQ. Dad was a huge hit taking everyone for gator rides. Guess who's wedged right up front as close to the steering wheel as possible:
Frankly, the other kids are lucky Cooper even decided to let them ride.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye

We picked a nice shady spot under our red bud tree to bury Mikey's ashes and some of his favorite things.

It felt a bit strange to bury an indoor kitty somewhere outside. We couldn't even say "Oh, Mikey would have loved this spot." Nope. Mikey would have been scared to death of the leaves and the grass and the traffic, not to mention the rain or other animals! But scattering his ashes in his favorite spot (our bed, specifically Alan's side of the bed) wouldn't have worked too well...

These are the things we picked out for Mikey:
  • A cardboard shoebox, one that he had already chewed on, as a matter of fact.
  • Alan's running shoes -- Whenever we walked in the house wearing shoes with mesh over the toes, Mikey would come scratch at them.
  • Photos of us and of Sydney.
  • A small rolling pin -- When Mikey and Sydney were very tiny, they would shimmy up under the toe kick in the kitchen cabinets and crawl into the bottom drawer to sleep next to the rolling pin.
  • A piece of spline (the string thing that you stuff into a screen door to hold the screen in) -- It was a favorite toy, back when he and Sydney could be bothered to chase things we dangled in front of them.
  • The small pink thing is a little toy laptop because Mikey (like most cats, probably!) always wanted to lay on our laptops to "help" us type. The invention of the touch pad mouse made it way easier for him to mess up our documents (or games of solitaire).
  • An email Alan's dad Jerry sent when Mikey died -- Jerry lived with the cats during the year we were in Palau, and he has a special place in his heart for them (and they for him!).
  • A can of his favorite "scoobie snacks."

We also got a copy of this photo framed to put in Cooper's room:

And we gave Cooper a stuffed kitty to represent Mikey:

Goodbye, Little Friend.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mikey's Life in Pictures

Crawling up Alan's leg to chase a leather key chain.

At my apartment during my first year of law school:

Oh yes I can fit into this box:

A new place to sit?

One of the saddest things about losing Mikey now is that he and Cooper won't have the chance to be good buddies. We could always count on Mikey to sit still while Cooper pulled his fur or tried to give him a pacifier.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Improving technique

Cooper's been practicing with his guitar and his drum set.

Here, notice the improved position of the guitar (albeit backwards). (And the bike helmet -- all the big stars are wearing them now.)

(The lyrics are "Hello Daddy, How are you? We're so glad to have you here today." to the tune of "Frère Jacques." Just in case you couldn't tell.)

(But what's with the southern drawl/slide in this song? I'm not sure where that came from.)

And here Cooper is drumming to the "Eat 'em up" song. Notice the crossover arm for the cymbal.

That's skill right there, my friends.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Can I get an amen?

  • I recently learned that I'll have a full-time job at KU this coming school year. One of our legal writing people is leaving, which leaves a spot just my size. I'll still technically be an adjunct this year, since everything happened sort of at the last minute. And then next year, the law school will conduct an official search and formal interview process for a full-time permanent position. Hurray!

  • Alan got word that he'll be teaching in England for the Spring 2011 semester! Every semester, Baker sends a group of students and one faculty member to Harlaxton College to study. We're on the list! I'm looking forward to sending Cooper to a little preschool there so he can start calling me "Mummy."

  • We finalized a contract to sell our IL house this past weekend! YAY! Closing is set for mid-August, and then, at long last, we'll only have one mortgage payment again. I can't even imagine how that feels...

  • And finally, I cut Cooper's hair. Myself. With clippers. I was thinking "cute, short, summer cut." But I ended up with a "will soon turn 12, where's my little baby" cut.

"It itches."

Check out the cute cowlick!

Miss Martha, the professional who usually cuts his hair, always has a sucker for him when he's done. I had to keep up the tradition.

The next day:

Yup. Still a big boy hair cut.