Thursday, August 28, 2014

More summer

"I look like a drunken Frenchman."  A bit, actually.

Working on roller skates.  Not easy.  But the helmet was a big hit.

Silly hair and silly sock day at summer camp.  (You can't tell, but his hair is half red and half blue.)

At dinner one evening, Coop asked to play with the iPod.  I said no and suggested he draw instead.  So the smarty pants drew an iPod.  Such a deprived child.

Coop and I went with my folks to see The Sound of Music at Starlight.

Preshow snacks -- popcorn, skittles, and a giant pretzel.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Another tooth gone.  Coop's rocking the snaggletooth look:

A clay class creation:

Coop has an affinity for jewelry as a gift.  Here's what he picked out for my birthday:

A sweet butterfly necklace and two very dangly bracelets:

Eating outside at Zen Zero for my birthday:

New Darth Vader costume:

But even the dark lord has to stop and read every now and then: