Monday, January 30, 2012

Extra-curricular activities

One Saturday morning, we headed up to Lawrence for Kaw Valley Eagles Day, where nature organizations had displays about area plants and wildlife.  Coop in an eagle's nest:

 And in the eagle hat he made:

The following day, we headed to the bowling alley for a classmate's birthday.

Turns out, we may need to put some more sports shows on tv.  After Coop bowled, he would wait until the machine swept away any remaining pins, and then he would turn around and proudly announce, "Hey guys!  I got a touchdown!!"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cooper and his Daddy

Going for a run during Christmas vacation:
Coop and I actually just went down to the track (1/4 mile away) while Alan took a real (3 mile) run through town.  Coop was crushed that he couldn't go the full distance.

Playing pirate:
(Or at least one of them is.  One may be sleeping...)

Reading at bedtime:

And finally, acting in a play Cooper wrote and directed called The Wizard and the Pirate.  It may be a little difficult to hear the dialogue, but you'll get the general idea, I think:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

One more: Christmas morning at our house

Cooper really enjoyed wrapping presents this year.  Lots and lots of tape.  And bows.

Christmas morning with the gifts Santa left:

Daddy got coal in his stocking, which Cooper still thinks is hilarious.

Coop and his Grinch:

Coop with the gifts from Santa -- Santa suit, Titanic model, Titanic book, misc toys and candy.


Monday, January 09, 2012

Christmas in Lyons

With cousin Vada:

Cousin Zoey couldn't make it to Lyons this year, so we Skyped with her:

The Grandkid picture:

Decorating sugar cookies:

And Coop got some great gifts.  A pirate watch, which he hasn't taken off since (except for bath time):

At home a few nights later, with watch still on.  And also sporting his new robe.  And Grinch doll.

A dinosaur model that he and Alan put together:

And some fake snow, which is actually pretty amazing.
You add water to this little pile of powder, and it fluffs up like snow.  It doesn't pack well, but it's fun to drive trucks in and bury toys under.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Activities during our visit to Lyons

Grandma and Grandpa had some snow on the ground, so Cooper spent hours outside sledding.

Even on day 2, when much of the snow had melted:

Snowball fight with Daddy:

We walked along the train tracks out behind the house:

And took the obligatory gator rides:

And to burn off even more energy, I plopped him on Mom's treadmill: