Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Many Faces of Halloween

Tusken Raider (for karate studio halloween party):

Pumpkin carving party:

As a witch and Boba Fett for the church harvest party:

Darth Vader for regular Halloween trick-or-treating:

Sorting through the loot:

Monday, November 03, 2014

Big Weekend

Maple Leaf weekend found us very very busy! 

First up -- the parade:

That evening, we had tickets (and an extra!) to see Circo Comedia, a show at the Lied Center on KU's campus.  Coop invited his friend Madeline, and they both loved the show!  Tons of slapstick comedy, good music, a big of magic.  It was perfect!

We hit Orange Leaf afterward for ice cream.  (And somehow I found myself imagining their first date...)

 We went back to Maple Leaf on Sunday afternoon.  Coop loved this big slide:

My friend Carrie and I went down it with her two kids:

Coop road a few rides with Gus and Eleanor:

And then we retired to the house for pizza and some down time: