Thursday, September 06, 2012

Some new things

Coop's got a great wink.  And his timing is perfect.  Usually during supper, he'll turn and look at me, and wink.  It's adorable.

Oh my -- excitement at the Raintree pool.  The big kids pool is three feet deep on either end, and then five feet deep in the middle.  In order to be allowed to swim in the five-foot section, you have to be able to swim all the way across the pool in the three feet section without stopping.  Cooper was the last of his friends to be able to do that.

But finally -- he came home one day completely excited that "I PASSED THE TEST!!!"  And then he asked if we would come watch him swim.  So we did:
That's him in the red shirt jumping into the pool on the other edge.
And here, he's the little red blur swimming right in front of Miss Ann.
 Very cool.

One weekend, Coop and I headed to Olathe for a hot air balloon festival.
There were tons of people, and they were no longer selling tickets to the tethered balloon rides, so Coop jumped in a bounce house instead.

On our way out, we got an up-close view of some balloons getting warmed up to go...

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