Thursday, August 02, 2012

Alaska Vacation: On Board

Cooper and I taking a silly picture in the hallway ceiling mirror:

Watching the ocean:

In the hot tub:
(I was a little disappointed -- none of the pools were shallow enough so that Cooper could touch bottom.  So we spent far less time in the pools than I had anticipated.)

Checking out the wake:

Just being cute:

Land ho!

Alan watching the islands in Alaska's inside passageway:

The grandpas entertaining Cooper by seeing if he could catch the dollar.  He did.  And then he spent the rest of the day asking every shop owner (we were on land that day) what he could buy for $1.  Unfortunately, not much.

Mom and I did a 5K walk as part of the Race for the Cure series.  We walked 10 laps around Deck 3.

A towel puppy, courtesy of Heri, our cabin steward:

By the last day, we were climbing the walls of our little room.  Literally.

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