Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alaska Vacation: Sitka

Our second port was in Sitka.  We didn't sign up for an excursion in advance, so we mostly just walked around town.  It's a sleepy little town, with lots of Russian history.  And lots of souvenir shops and little kids selling rice krispie treats right off the dock for the cruise ship tourists.

According to the promotional material, this store is the "world's largest retailer of products that change color in the sun."  Alrighty then.

Our first stop was the book store, where we picked up an Alaskan book as well as some mysteries to read with Cooper (we raced through the four books we brought for him).


Cooper always wants "a souvenir to remember this journey."  We have some pretty serious conversations before we enter any store ("remember...we're not buying anything here.  And if there's whining, then what happens?"  "We leave with nothing."  "Right.").

He's gotten into this strange habit of picking up crap that he finds on the ground now.  It's cheaper, for sure.  But a little annoying and semi-disgusting sometimes.  This was his haul from Sitka:

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