Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alaska Vacation: Misty Fjords

While Coop and I were enjoying a lumberjack show, Alan and his dad and nephew were here:

Alan explains:

The first visitors to Misty Fjords mistook this rock formation for a distant sailing ship, and were disappointed not to have been there first. It is deceptively tall--some 250 feet, half the height of the Washington Monument!

After a couple of hours on our boat, we reached the fjords. We wound in and around, looking at birds and seals and waterfalls. And yes, the fjords were misty--it's amazing how low the clouds are.

Native Indians marked their territory with petroglyphs. Below, you can see a one-hundred fifty year old petroglyph of the sun, a circle with rays of small dots, done in natural ink of some sort. This entire petroglyph was about the size of a beach ball. We saw evidence of a few others on the same rock wall. 

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Thomas said...

That looks awesome, too! I love going to see things like this. I'd never heard of that formation. Great pictures.