Thursday, June 27, 2013

While Alan was away....

Coop and I had nearly two weeks of bonding time while Alan was in England.  So I shipped him to his grandparents' house in Wichita for three days.  He came back with this feather hat (made out of wire and a feather) and a new (fake) pet turtle:

We went to a birthday party for one of his friends.  She had real live pony rides!!  And a petting zoo!  And a bounce house!!

And Coop made a "welcome home Daddy" sign for when Alan returned.  I suggested something lame like taping it to the door.  But Coop insisted that we rig up a pulley system so that when Alan walked in, Coop could pull on the rope and the sign would rise up so Alan could see it.
(It worked, except that we missed Alan's truck pulling into the driveway, so Coop made him go back outside and come in again... to the rising "welcome home" sign!)

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