Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kitten (that we DID keep)

So recall, as of the last blog post, Coop and I had acquired two kittens that we didn't really want to keep.  Before leaving for a two-week trip to England, Alan had arranged for us to get a kitten from a friend of his.  Which, if you're keeping score at home, would bring the household total to four.  Waaaay too many.
Although it likely doesn't make much sense, we ended up giving the two gas station kittens to the woman who gave us our one new kitty.  Long story for why that actually worked out.  But the short version is that we ended up with this little guy:

I was the only one home for a few days after he arrived (Alan in England and Coop at his grandparents'), so I named him Simon and then just announced to everyone that that was his name.  Coop wasn't thrilled, but he went with it.

Adelaide also NOT thrilled:

Getting closer with no hissing.  That's an improvement.

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