Monday, June 17, 2013

Kittens (that we did NOT keep)

On the way home from Tulsa, Coop and I stopped at this gas station somewhere in Oklahoma.  (You know the story is going to be good when it starts with the picture of the Ash Express gas station.)

As I was pumping gas, two scraggly mangy looking kittens ran across the parking lot.  One sat on my foot; the other crawled into the wheel well of a truck that had parked outside.  The truck owner and I each picked one up and stood there looking at each other.  "What the...?  Where did these come from?"

They were really sad-looking, I've got to say.  And I eventually talked the other guy into taking both of them home.  Coop and I held them while he went in the gas station to find a box.
He came out with the gas station owner who said, "Oh yeah... there are more of them."

Sure enough.  Back in a wood pile behind the gas station lived two more equally scraggly kittens.  And since I had already talked the other guy into taking the first two, I sort of felt obligated to take these other two.
They were filthy and obviously hungry (the gas station owner gave me a can of food for the car ride home).  And the white one's eyes were matted shut.

But we cleaned them up when we got home (three hours later):

Not too shabby.
But we knew (and I repeatedly told Coop) that we couldn't keep them.  So didn't really name them beyond calling the gray one Fuzzball and the white one Goop (because his eyes were goopy).

Stay tuned to learn their fate...

Oh, and here's a video Coop made to tell Alan (who was in England at the time) about finding the kitties:

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