Monday, June 24, 2013

The Superhero Family

Coop suggested one day that we each create our own superhero.  (He saw it in a cartoon he watched.)  When he asked me what my superhero would be, I was trying to coerce him into cleaning his room, so I spouted something smart like "one who cleans things."
Two days later, when he returned to the subject so we could draw our superheroes, I was stuck with the cleaning theme.  So I drew myself with a broom and a spray bottle.  Coop added two crows who would help carry cleaning supplies like rags and a vacuum for me.  And my motto KICK:  Keep It Clean Kids.
Here is Coop, with rocket engines to propel him.  KTA = Keep Them (the bad guys) Away. 
And Alan, clearly the artist in the family, is Tornado Man:

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