Monday, February 11, 2013

The Golden Birthday celebrations!

Cooper turned six on the sixth, making this his Golden Birthday.  Alan is convinced I made up that term, but it doesn't matter now, because I've taught it to Cooper and so it will live on for another generation! 

We celebrated with Coop's classmates at Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Center.  The kids had a great time swimming, and then we fed them cake!  And juice!  And sent them home with their parents!

Cooper also participated in a special birthday ceremony at Raintree, where he celebrated six trips around the sun.

Cooper asked Ruby to help with the ceremony, and she passed out napkins.  This is perhaps the sweetest part of the event for me.  Ruby walked around the circled, crouched down in front of each child, called them by name, and whispered "Tyler, would you like a napkin?"  For every kid.

And then Cooper did the same thing with the cake.  It was the softest and sweetest I had ever heard children speak.

During the day of the party, Cooper and some friends made the special Raintree birthday cake (which he requested for his family party, too).  Everyone sang and he got to blow out candles:
We had a party for our family and friends at the house this past weekend.  Another "golden birthday" cake complete with gold spray paint (edible) and gold sprinkles!

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Karen said...

What a great celebration! I love the part where Cooper and Ruby quietly asked their friends if they wanted cake and napkins. So sweet. I'm so glad Cooper had a fabulous Golden Birthday!!