Monday, February 25, 2013

Introducing: Scratchy

Coop opted to use some of his birthday money to but a pet hamster.  (Some he used to buy cheap plastic crap treasures at Dollar General.  But at least some of it went to a slightly better investment...)
We got the hamster's cage set up on Coop's dresser:

There he is!  Scratchy!! (Because he scratched in the box on the drive home from the pet shop.)

Adelaide was mighty interested in the new addition:

The first night Scratchy was home, Cooper made a list of things he does:
("iglue" = igloo, by the way.  "Dreenc" = drink.  The rest are pretty understandable...)

Cooper sits on his desk chair, watches Scratchy, and makes check marks by the things he observes.  :)

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Karen said...

Dollar General sells nothing but treasures! But I'm glad he saved some money to buy Scratchy. I wonder if the poor thing was having a heart attack when Adelaide came by to check him out?