Monday, February 18, 2013

My "Secret Eadmirur"

The day before Valentine's Day, I found the following note in my school bag, just after I had picked up Cooper from Raintree:
"I love you in Londen.  I love you in Rome.  Look in your mailbox when you get home."

It was signed on the back:
"Your secret eadmirur."

In the mailbox at home, after Cooper checked it to make sure it was safe, I found this sweet Valentine:

And then when I woke up on Valentine's Day, this note was waiting for me on my computer:
"Today is the day we meet at Chinese.  5:30p.m.  We sit at a table, and have ice cream in a cone for dessert.  Your Secret Admirer."

So on Valentine's Day, I got ready to meet my special date at the Chinese restaurant.  Alan and Cooper weren't invited, so they left the house at about 5:20 to "go to the grocery store" to buy themselves something for supper.

When I arrived at the Chinese restaurant, I saw some familiar looking coats:

My secret admirer!!
What a sweet Valentine's date!

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Karen said...

This is honestly the SWEETEST THING EVER. What a total sweetheart you have! :D