Monday, October 01, 2012

New play place and a new butterfly!

Lawrence has finally opened up an indoor play area!  About time.
This is the "inflatable pillow," which was like a cross between jumping on a trampoline and jumping on a bed.  Pretty cool, even for littler kiddos.

The obligatory hamster-cage style play gym:

And a rock wall:
The rest of the place was set up like the best playroom you could dream up but never afford with small cubicles with various play settings -- a kitchen, a costume area, a book nook, a work shop,  a vet's office, etc.  Pretty cool.

A co-worker of mine picked up an extra monarch chrysalis from [some organization in Lawrence that was handing them out].  We hung it up in Cooper's bug barn to wait and see what would happen.

Within 24 hours, the monarch emerged!

We released him outside to fly away to Mexico!
(Yes, Cooper's wearing Alan's shoes.  I'm not sure why.)

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