Thursday, October 11, 2012

Around the house

Lounging on the couch:

The three of us played a several-day-long game of Monopoly.  I ended up in jail at least seven times!  Crazy.  Coop was pretty ruthless buying properties, but he much prefers having more pieces of money ("three $10!") instead of larger denominations.  And he landed on my hotel one too many times, and we eventually had to call it.

We've also decided it might be time for Coop to earn an allowance (mostly so he can stop begging me to buy him crap).  So he gets $2 a week now, provided he makes his bed and keeps his room clean.  Day one:  Check.

And he can also earn extra money by doing other chores around the house.  He was on top of it the first weekend, vacuuming and sweeping the kitchen floor and bringing the trash downstairs and folding laundry.  Apparently, he's decided he doesn't need the extra quarters any more, though.
 Oh well... it was good while it lasted!

When my hair looks like this after a shower:
 Coop and Alan call it my "England hair."  Apparently, when we lived in England, I frequently went down to breakfast with Coop without actually combing my hair or making it not stand up.  Whatever.  I was living with college kids.  They wear pajama pants and fuzzy boots all the time.  So there.

Train-palooza in the living room:

A new pirate costume!  That fits!  For only $3 at a garage sale!  YAY! 

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