Thursday, October 18, 2012

A book and some decorations

Coop's cousins passed this book of riddles along to him.  Fabulous.  Just what the class clown needs.

Coop spent some of his allowance money buying white spider web stuff to tape in his windows:

And he made this 3-foot-tall pirate, complete with clothes:

A new friend, Skeleton.
 Unfortunately, Skeleton already broke his hip (which Alan replaced with a screw) and his elbow (which Alan fixed with fishing line).  So far, he's still hanging together...

One day during room time, Cooper asked for "a bucket of nails."  Um, no.  "A bunch of sharp sticks?"  Also no.  Turns out, he just used scotch tape and ran string all over his room to make a life-sized spider web:

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