Thursday, October 25, 2012

Coop used some of his allowance money to buy vampire teeth.  They go well with the pirate costume.  A vampirate, if you will.

We made our yearly zombie friend, Little Bill.  I think he's actually currently sitting in Cooper's room wearing a witch costume.  Very versatile.

I love this drawing:
The big thing in the middle is a skeleton (you can tell because of the arm bones and scribbly ribs).  The thing on the left is a "spook," according to Cooper.  It's a guy who's holding his own head in his hand.  How awesome is that?!

Coop spent room time last weekend making mummies out of his stuffed animals and a roll of toilet paper.  Even the dolphin (far left) and the kitty (second from right) got in on the fun.

There's a house in Baldwin with creepy gory zombie-like Halloween decorations.  Cooper loves it, so whenever we're nearby, we have to stop and check out the from yard.  (Ick.)

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Thomas said...

I like the idea of "vampirate"...sounds almost like a super-villian from the comic books. Nice stuff.