Monday, November 14, 2011

I made Cooper cry.

I suggested that we put away the Halloween decorations.  Actually, I just grabbed a big bucket and started loading up the ghosts and witches and skeletons.  Bad move.  The child loves Halloween.

So I let him pick three things to keep out.  He chose knitted jack-o-lantern coasters, a big orange skeleton to hang in his room, and a foam haunted house that he decorated with stickers.

And he reminded us that we had not yet made a zombie this year.  Remember Big Bill from last Halloween?  Apparently it's now a yearly tradition we've started.  Who knew.

But, it turns out that we're lazy.  No one except Cooper really wanted to find a straw bale and old clothes and put together a zombie.  So we compromised and made a small inside zombie by stuffing old Cooper clothes with newspaper.

Meet Little Bill:

Here's hoping we can put him away before it's time for the Christmas tree...


Karen said...

I don't know, I think Little Bill would look fanTASTIC in a red velvet Santa hat. But poor Cooper! I don't blame him for being bummed--Halloween is the most awesome holiday. I wish we could leave the decorations up year round, too.

Thomas said...

I literally chuckled for about an hour with this one....great stuff.

Thomas said...

by the way, nice work making a little boy cry...I hope you feel good about yourself.