Monday, November 21, 2011

Cooper projects

After we finished the giant pirate ship project, Coop and I headed to the store to pick a new model project.  Everything at the store is pretty tame.  He selected an army tank and the only "assembly" included screwing on the six wheels. 

After that massive pirate ship, this was pretty lame.  Finished in about 10 minutes.

My Aunt Kathy made this quilt for me.  It's called the Ella Mae sampler (Grandma Farm's name!)  I love it!
 And it makes a great fort roof, too.

Reading in the Love Sac:

And Cooper "reading" on the couch (with Little Bill).
At school, Coop's class has been listening to books on tape about "Jack and Annie."  Turns out, they're books in the Magic Treehouse series.  We ordered one, and Cooper was so excited when it arrived, he grabbed it and hunkered on the couch for about 15 minutes "reading" it.

(Unfortunately for him, he later lost the privilege of starting the new book that night, which resulted in tears.  But we moved passed that...)

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Thomas said...

I love how he's reading his book next to Big Bill....this is good stuff. You guys are amazing with all the projects you do with him.