Monday, November 28, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

After I unceremoniously ended Halloween, Coop was anxious to get out the Christmas tree.  I kept stalling him by promising that we'd do it the day after Thanksgiving.

So on that Friday morning, Cooper popped out of bed at 7:01am, and by 7:15am, he and I were in the basement dragging out boxes of decorations.

First up, the Christmas books:

(That's Alan's first cup of coffee of the day.  First of many.)

I didn't feel like having a battle about getting rid of the zombie in the living room, so we made him festive and called him a decoration:

Hanging a wreath:

Setting up his nativity scene:

Organizing his Christmas village:

And finally, the tree.

Checking out his stash of nutcrackers:

And then, it was 10:30am, and I was out of Christmas decorations.  I tagged Alan, and it was his turn to entertain the holiday-spirited boy:

They played Santa and reindeer, while I relaxed on the couch and listened to Kenny Rogers's Christmas cd.

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Thomas said...

Bill Bill Zombie Santa! I think this can be one of those decorative seasonal trees (I don't know what they're officially titled, but that seems to be very know, those small synthetic trees that people keep out and decorate to fit the season?)I love the possibilities. I'm loving following all this...absolutely loving it.