Monday, May 18, 2009

Traveling Guitar -- to see the animals

On Mother's Day, Cooper and I went to a nearby farm/petting zoo. We've been there once before, so I knew we'd have fun.

Cooper wanted to take his guitar, and since Alan wasn't along to help me entertain Cooper in the car, I thought the guitar would be a nice thing for the 45 minute car ride.

But when we got the farm, Cooper insistend on bringing the guitar in. "To show the animals," he said. Alrighty then.

So here he is playing a song for the prairie dogs:

The Texas Longhorn didn't seem particularly interested:


Instead the petting zoo with the goats, who nibbled on the guitar while Cooper played:

And playing for the ducks and geese:

Taking five in between sets:


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Aunt Jill

The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

This is exactly why I am loving two-year-olds.

Anonymous said...

Love how you can make a routine visit to the zoo a thrill of a lifetime. Keep up the good work. Coop seems to love music. Al have a viola around the house?