Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Earthworm

A transcript, just in case you aren't 100% fluent in Cooperese:

Mama: What's in your hand?

Cooper: Smile! [S-blend sounds come out like an f sound -- "file."]

Mama: Smile!

Cooper: Hee! [That's the sound he makes when you tell him to smile or say cheese.]

Mama: What's in your hand?

Cooper: Earthworm

Mama: An earthworm. What are you doing with him?

Cooper: Hee! [Still saying cheese.] Taking him for a walk.

Mama: Ok. Go ahead.

And then Cooper proceeded to walk in a big circle around the yard. I'm sure the earthworm appreciated the up-top view of the lawn.


Anonymous said...

Very, very cute. :-)
Aunt Jill

Karen said...

It's so sweet that he's so gentle with even the little bitty (and not so pretty) creatures of the earth. And that he says "hee" instead of cheese. Adorable. :D

Anonymous said...

Just think how much fun he would have with a small dog? Cecil

Anonymous said...

I like worms too.

Tim Nugent

Anonymous said...

You have an earthworm kid. Congratulations! They either "are" or "aren't"....the ones that are are a lot more fun (are are?)....