Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our parenting skills...

This past week, we hosted BBQs at the house on two separate nights. One for the Baker Econ Club, and one for all of the business/econ graduating seniors and faculty. Each night, the festivities started around 5pm or so, which meant that I had approximately an hour after picking up Cooper to get everything ready to go.

Desparate parents call for desparate measures. I gave Cooper a bowl of chocolate chips and parked him in front of the tv.

To my credit, the dvd was a music sing-a-long, and not Montel Williams, or something. And I switched to grapes after the first bowl was gone. Proof in the photo below (complete with chocolate smears all over Cooper's face).

On the flip side, though, at least we are all wearing helmets for the bike riding/trailer adventure we had this week:


The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

Chocolate chips and DVD is proof of your excellent parenting skills, actually. Your only other choice would have been to lose track of him while he's pulling a crock pot down on to himself, or something. Chocolate chips and DVDs were INVENTED for toddler management. Yesterday, in the time it took me to put garlic bread in the oven, Gus managed to stand on the kitchen table with an open cup of juice in his hand.

Do you like the bike trailer? We are on the verge of getting one. Is yours the kind that the handle pops up into a stroller? Is that unwieldy? Pardon my product evaluation questions, other blog-readers.

The Kane Family said...

No worries on the product evaluation. I was about to ask the same question actually. Colleen and I are about to venture into the realm of biking around a local bike/hike park and neither of us, admittedly, know much about either biking or the trailers.

If only we could all eat chocolate chips for breakfast.

Rhonda said...

Your parenting skills make me feel normal! Thanks!! Now I know I'm not the only one who utilizes TV and chocolate chips. :)

Anonymous said...

What a cutie. His eyes are so sweet.


Unknown said...

His expression in the first picture just says it all. What could be better than DVDs and a heaping bowl of chocolate chips? Also, the close-up of him in his helmet is wonderful. He has beautiful, beautiful eyes.