Thursday, May 07, 2009


Having breakfast:

Going outside:

Napping (with the guitar too, of course):

At the children's museum:

In the car:
Notice the second bear (also with a diaper). We left First Bear at Miss Brenda's house (daycare) one day, so we had to either find a substitute for that night or drive to Miss Brenda's house and pick up First Bear. Luckily, Second Bear was acceptable.
And completely unrelated to the cute kid and bear at our house, Amy Grant has a new song that you can download here from itunes, if you have it.


The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

This series of pictures makes that Beatles' song "Two of Us" play in my head.

"two of us wearing raincoats/standing solo/in the sun/you and me chasing paper/getting nowhere/on our way back home/we're on our way back home. . ."

A little one and their lovey is such an adorable thing.

Karen said...

It's so sweet that he has the bear as a napping buddy. Wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Funny how he is attached to the bear. I don't recall Tim or Joe ever needing/wanting a "companion". Although Tim's best friend for awhile was his thumb which was constantly in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

So cute! -- Aunt Julie