Monday, April 01, 2013

Traveling to Chicago

Cooper and I had spring break at the same time, a week after Alan was off.  So he and I decided to take a quick trip to Chicago!
Loading up Stanley:

On the way to the airport, Coop decided he would keep a travel journal.  Here was the first entry, complete before we even hit I-35:
Translation:  "12:15  Monday afternoon.  Just left home.  Sunny day.  Blue sky.  Fresh grass. Pinkish white clouds.  Passing pretty church.  Passing train, not moving train.  Drive through McDonalds.  Nice outside."  His level of detail and interest in journaling petered out soon, but I thought this was an impressive start!

Entertaining ourselves at the airport:

I forgot to take a picture of our hotel, but Coop drew one for me:

It was right acress the street from the Wrigley Building:

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Karen said...

What a lovely travel journal! I love that he was inspired to do that, as well as the sketch of the hotel. And no wonder. Chicago is one of the coolest cities ever.