Thursday, April 11, 2013

Museum of Science and Industry

My plan to spend a day walking along the lake front, seeing Buckingham Fountain, and meandering through Millenium Park was scraped given the cold and wind.  So we headed down to the Museum of Science and Industry instead.  Much of it was a little old for Coop, but we ended up spending lots of hours there just playing with various exhibits.
Balls floating on air:

A big static ball:

A cable car:

Submarine (the U-505, a German sub captured during WWII):

The Swiss Jolly Ball, a giant contraption with a metal ball that rolls all around:

Coop pulled $30 out of his savings account to spend in Chicago.  We spent many hours in gift shops agonizing over what he wanted to buy.  At the Museum of Science and Industry, he picked a magic kit:
He was a little disappointed it didn't come with instructions for how to saw someone in half.  And he seemed sad that it wasn't actually "magic" -- the it all involved tricks and secrets.  Sweet kid.


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Karen said...

Nick calls the Museum of Science and Industry "The Museum of Buttons." It's just a great museum for kids of all ages (as they say).