Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More misc photos

Cooper misses his musical instruments, I think.  Sticks frequently become guitars.  Or, as here, drumsticks to be used on the upside down trashcan.  

This is Ralph and Judith Poore.  Ralph used to work at Harlaxton and they've been involved as a "Meet-a-Family" (local British families assigned to students to welcome them to the area) for years.  Our Baker coordinator Martha suggested we introduce ourselves to them.  Turns out, we didn't need to.  Alan was out running one day, he said hello to some men working in the Grantham Canal, one of the men stopped to ask if Alan was from Harlaxton, and it was Ralph! 
They invited us over for tea one afternoon, and it was easy to see why they're so popular among our Baker students.  Perfectly lovely.

Cooper found his ice-cream-lover-soul-mate when Aunt Ellen came to visit.

This is the Refectory (dining hall).  It's such a light and airy room (even if the food is not).

One of the security guards found this Superman towel cape for Cooper.
 "So now people can tell I'm Superman from the front an from the back."  Indeed.

We took a special field trip with the Baker students (six of the ten of them anyway).

This is in the village of Sproxton, about fifteen minutes from Harlaxton.  And it's the place where the Baker chapel used to live before we moved it to Baldwin City.

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