Sunday, April 10, 2011

Does Cooper have a British accent?

Well no, not really.  Occasionally, we can hear just a touch of a British lilt in his voice based the inflections on certain words.  "Daddy," for example, became something like "Duh-dee" pretty early on.  And we definitely use British vocabulary for things:  the elevator is the lift; a clothes pin is a peg; the parking garage is a car park.

But we have noticed that Cooper's "fake voice" -- the voice he uses when he's pretending -- is totally British.  Listen to Cooper describe how he made the car park in his room:

Here, Cooper is describing his various double decker buses (he now has three) and his London taxi:

Here, Cooper has set up a book store in his room.  (We collect books, it seems, no matter where we live!)  And the book store proprietor is noticeably British.


Thomas said...

that, my friend, is completely and utterly awesome!

tracy said...

These are fantastic! I love that his play world is British. He's going to LOVE watching these when he's older.

Twila said...


Anonymous said...

SO! Cooper is SO!!! This is the best entertainment we have seen in SO long a time!! I could watch these 100x and never tire of hearing and seeing him. This is price less! ~Lana

Rhonda said...

We love Mr. Men too! We were introduced to them in England and now Amazon recommends them frequently. :)

Anonymous said...

These are great! Emily, you have a British lilt in your voice, too, when you ask if he'll take 5 pounds for Mr. Grumble. So it's not just Cooper! :)