Monday, March 22, 2010

The Spring Break Edition, part 1

Most of our spring break was spent grading papers and cleaning out the garage, neither of which make for interesting blog posts.

But Thursday and Friday of break, we headed down to Wichita with the Lynch family for some activities.

First stop, the zoo:

The boys (Alan, Cooper, Michael, Parker) looking for the rhino:

After several hours at the zoo, my boys were ready for a break -- Cartoon Network and a comfie bed:

We hit the hotel pool after dinner.  Fun, but really cold!  I could have used an extra 5 degrees, at least.  Cooper was shivering but didn't seem to mind:
(Oh, and see the woman in the water with her kids?  I went to high school with her and her husband.  And we pretty much saw them everywhere we went on our vacation!)

On Friday, we went to Exploration Place, which is a fabulous kids' museum and science center.  As we do everywhere we go, we found a truck to drive:

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Anonymous said...

Jumping on the bed and swimming in a small pool. Everything a young boy needs. And, of course, cartoon network.