Monday, March 15, 2010


Cooper has been doing a great job putting on his clothes, including socks, t-shirts, and (sometimes) pants.
Unfortunately, he doesn't yet appreciate when things are dirty and need to go in the laundry basket so we can pick a clean shirt.  We're working on that.

Remember Cooper's chocolate chip banana snack recipe?  There's a new version that includes peanut butter:

(Check out the tongue -- he's concentrating deeply.)

Cooper also has taken to cleaning out our kitchen sink.
I'm guessing this is a fun project because he gets to stand on his ladder, turn the water on, and play with soap.  Whatever the reason, he loves it.  And right after I took this photo, he said "Don't interrupt me.  I'm cleaning the sink."  Sorry.

And this last picture isn't Coop being helpful really.  Just cute:
That's a dance move, in case you're wondering.

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The Kane Family said...

he's getting big...god show.