Thursday, March 18, 2010


Addie, after a long day of tormenting Sydney:

And check out how big the chicks are getting:
Per the "Backyard Chickens" book, I asked Alan to build the chicks a place to start perching so they can learn to roost on a dowel rod, which apparently is how they sleep in the coop(?).  And anytime he thinks I'm pampering the chicks, he mocks me by lamenting "those poor, poor chickens in Palau who didn't have anyone to teach them how to perch."  Blah, blah, blah...

They're getting so many feathers!  And they're kind of starting to look like gangly teenage dinosaurs.  And all in just two weeks. 

Here was the photo I took the day we brought them home, just for purposes of comparison:

And the human critter in the house:
He's doing such a good job getting dressed by himself, though on this day, he opted for two socks on one foot and none on the other.  He changed his mind after a couple of hours when he started to get a blister.

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