Monday, December 28, 2009

Tumbling Class

Cooper has been taking a Saturday morning tumbling class over the past month or so.  He seems to enjoy it, and it's a great way to burn off energy and ensure a 3-hour nap (for all of us!).

We start with stretches:

Trying to make a "tabletop." 

Walking on the balance beam...

and jumping into the wheel:

A Coop's all-time favorite:  the trampoline!

He took a bad bounce one week, which Alan somehow miraculously caught on film:


But he shook it off, and kept right on running!


Karen said...

Ouch indeed! Good thing Coop is such a resilient little guy! But I bet he loves the class. He is rockin' the balance beam, and that long trampoline has got to be the coolest thing ever!

Think they let grown-ups take the kiddie tumbling class? I needs me some bouncin!

Anonymous said...

Our kids could bounce on a "Moonwalk" all day. Looks like he's having a fun time.