Monday, December 07, 2009

Thanksgiving in Baldwin

Some of Alan's family joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Cooper spent a large portion of the time in this box:

He explained that he was a baby bird and this was his nest:

After the meal, Cooper got a hankering for some music, so he dug through his box of instruments and distributed various bells and shakers to everyone.
His face lit up with sheer joy when he said "Go" and everyone actually started playing!
And then Aunt Julie started singing while we were playing, and I swear Cooper almost fell down with excitement! Oh, the control of being the band director!!

Grandma Margaret left a chocolate-marshmallow Santa for Cooper. He devoured it in about 3 seconds.
He didn't get a nap that afternoon, and after all the excitement of the day (and despite all the sugar!), he fell asleep in between the time I kissed him goodnight and the time when I actually left his room.


Anonymous said...

This looks a lot like an episode of Andy Griffith. I'm hoping someone was blowing on an old XXX Whiskey jug. Coop is either going to direct the band or swindle them into buying band uniforms and instruments. I may have to start calling Coop, Opie.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!