Monday, December 21, 2009

It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas...

We got a couple of inches of snow a few weeks ago, so we dug out Cooper's snow pants and snow boots to go play.

Everything's a bit big for him yet, but he seemed to enjoy being out in the snow.

And a present arrived in the mail!

(You should know my default rule:  if it arrives in the mail, you can open it right away, just like you would a phone bill.  Even if it's wrapped as a present clearly meant for Dec. 25.  That's just how the postal servive works, I believe!)

Anyway, it was from Aunt Mary:

It's a personalized Cooper cd (so the singers say "Hey Cooper!" and the songs have his name in them).  Too cute!

And out annual visit to Santa Claus at our local gas station/McDonald's.  Cooper wasn't so keen on sitting with Santa by himself, so I joined the fun.

We're ready for the holiday, I think!  (Except for that pesky Christmas letter that Alan needs to write!)


Karen said...

Oh, I love the pictures of Cooper in his snow suit! He's just a little bundle of cuteness! By the way, I totally agree with the "if it comes via post office you can open it" rule. That's how I've always done things. :D

The Kane Family said...

This is truly great stuff here, guys. Have a wonderful holiday and I hope to talk to you guys soon..

Love, the look on his face with Santa by the way..."save me"...I love it.

Anonymous said...

I hope Cooper doesn't go through a no smiling phase. he has such a sweet smile.