Thursday, October 15, 2009

Violin virtuoso

We picked up this little guitar/violin at a garage sale for $3. Mostly Coop has used it as a guitar (you can lengthen the neck to make it a guitar), and it plays ABC from the Jackson 5, which is kind of fun.

But you can also shorten the neck, get out the little purple bow, and play violin. It took a while to figure out the position:

But he can finally hold it in place by himself:

And here's a duet he and Daddy played. (I don't know, by the way, why Cooper's not wearing any clothes. We built a fire in our fireplace this morning, and maybe he was not used to the warmth, so he had to strip down? I'm not entirely sure...)


Anonymous said...

Coop's starting to stretch out a bit. Legs aren't as chubby anymore. Did you ever buy the real guitar?


The Kane Family said...

so who's really playing their instrument? Nice stuff it.