Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleeping and playing

I'm not sure precisely which synapses were firing in Cooper's head, but he decided he needed to grab Alan's bathroom towel and go lay down in the kitty bed for a while.
How adorable is this:
Despite having a Big Boy Bed, Cooper's been sleeping on the floor lately. With his crocodile as a pillow. And with a giant t-shirt quilt. And with two bears, three puzzles, two cars, one plastic pig, a stack of books, and his workbench (with tools). So far, it seems to be working, though I can't imagine he's terribly comfortable on the floor.

Riding a stick horse. With no pants.

One of the Dr. Suess books we read mentions pink underpants. It just so happens that someone in this house (not Alan) owns pink underpants. Which Cooper thought was hysterical last time we folded laundry.

Trust me, kiddo. I'm dragging those pictures back at for your 16th birthday.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Awww...that picture of Coop in the kitty bed is so sweet! And I love his unorthodox sleeping solutions. Why NOT include all your favorite objects when setting up for bedtime?

Pink underwear photo = hilarious. You should definitely hold onto that one for blackmail purposes.