Thursday, October 22, 2009

A new kitty!

Since Mikey died back in June, we've been contemplating getting a new kitty. We finally bit the bullet when the perfect opportunity presented itself (or herself, I guess I should say!) this weekend.

This is Adelaide, but we call her Addie.
A friend rescued her on a county rode a month or so ago. We think she's about 10 weeks old.
Cooper playing string.
(Note: I realize that an ever-increasing number of my posts involve me saying something like "I don't know why Cooper's not wearing a shirt" or "I have no idea why Cooper's naked." That probably doesn't bode well, does it?)

Getting a treat:

Meeting Sydney:
The relationship between the two cats isn't exactly friendly, but it's not violent either, which I count as a success for now.

(Also note the Australian-cities name theme we've got going -- Sydney and Adelaide! At least we didn't choose Perth!)

A new fun kitty toy:

Cooper's attempt to fit into the cat carrier:

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