Monday, February 23, 2009

Out and about



Kristen and I both took a picture of this (that's her in the upper left hand corner), and we both thought the same thing -- Hallelujah! They can entertain each other now!

Ready to go to work:

We bought a new step ladder, which makes sink play way easier!


Anonymous said...

I love coops hat. Very hip. Sink play is much more fun if you can use a wobbly stool to add a degree of danger.


The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

I look at the sink play photo and notice a few things. One, you have designated sink play toys (vs. whatever is within easy each becoming a sink play toy, including things that should probably NEVER be sink play toys, ahem). Two, you have a towel down on the floor (vs. using sink play as a twofer to get the bathroom floor cleaner). Three, Cooper is wearing a waterproof smock (vs. wrangling a toddler out of a sopping shirt, which is then probably used to wipe up the puddles on the floor).

I seem to have missed a few days of the mama class, at some point. I need to borrow your notes.

And DUDE he is cute. And so is Parker--lots of cute tiny boy cuteness.

The Kane Family said...

Love the step-stool stuff...very fun.