Monday, February 16, 2009

Around the house

Cooper's favorite cereal. We call them Crunchy Pillows. (Not to be confused with Corn Pillows (aka Corn Chex) or Corn and Rice Pillows (Crispix) or Snowy Pillow (Frosted Mini-Wheat).)

If only we could spend all day, every day playing in the sink!

New snow boots. We haven't had a chance to wear them outside, which is good because Cooper doesn't exactly love walking around in them. He walks like he's wearing ski boots and can't bend his ankles. Pretty funny, really.

Cooper loves to get out Mama's green vacuum. The first couple of days after we got it (it was a Christmas present to ourselves), I had the cleanest house around!

Super cute wool coat:

And if we can't play in the sink, can we at least play lightswitches??


carmenzolman said...

Oatmeal Squares are my favorite cereal too Cooper! Although I prefer the original flavor blue box to the brown sugar flavored box.

Anonymous said...

Kids love sinks.