Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our very own children's museum!

After the wonderful time we had at the Chicago Children's Museum, we decided to see if we could find something similar in the area. What luck! Kansas City has a fun children's museum too!

We started in the water room:

And then on to the water fountains:

This fun room was just for kids two and under. Lots of things to climb on and walk around, and all with railings at just two-year-old height! Perfect!

And the rest of the rooms we saved for a future visit!

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The Kane Family said...

I love those types of museums. The ones where the patrons can wander about and feel free to touch, grab, pull, prod, and manipulate...especially for children. I'd never heard of that museum...which is a real shame since I lived 90 minutes from Chicago before I moved to L-town. If you guys are ever in this area, we have the Please Touch Museum. I've never been, but you know that I will!