Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New things lately

We've been working on standing:

And on getting used to being on our knees, as a precursor to crawling hopefully:

Coop's got a roving eye, it appears. The moment before I snapped this picture, he was reaching out to touch the pretty girl. (She was a law student. We were at KU law school for a team research competition, and she was the spirit squad for her team.)

And we're having fun trying out different finger foods. Rice seemed to go over well, at least the part that actually made it in his mouth!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love Cooper's chubby legs. Fantastic. What have I learned from this blog. Cooper likes cheerleaders and hates yard work. Seems pretty normal to me.


Anonymous said...

It's such fun to get acquainted with Cooper on your blog...looking forward to meeting him some day---and seeing you guys again! Love your creative pictures and dialogue... :)